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New Wilmington


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New Wilmington
Westminster College

Old Tavern Inn  


The old order Amish farmlands which dot the rolling countryside surrounding New Wilmington once were occupied by the Lenape Indians.  By 1700 the area was settled by Europeans whose descendents still remain active in the community.  The town plan was laid out in 1824, and some of the original buildings remain. Among these is the Tavern Inn which was part of the underground railroad during the Civil War. New Wilmington has one traffic light, and traffic jams are more than two buggies back-to-back. Today New Wilmington has 2,000 residents, plus the surrounding townships, and is supplemented by 1600 college students. This is a quiet area where the old world and the new mingle in trendy shops and restaurants. Local medical care is supurb. The world-class University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has expanded throughout the area. Lakes, parks, and other outdoor and sporting opportunities are everywhere. Pittsburgh, an hour away, boasts a well-known symphony orchestra, numerous museums, science centers, major football, baseball, and hockey teams. The Pittsburgh Airport, which is only 40 minutes away, is one of the newest, brightest, and easiest to get in and out of in the world. Cleveland is only 1.5 hours away , and also has very much to offer. We are 80 miles south of Lake Erie and all of its recreational opportunities. Well located 10 minutes from the intersection of interstates 80 and 79, we are a great jumpoff point for car travel in all directions. In addition to shopping malls within 20 minutes, the area boasts one of the nation's largest outlet malls---Grove City Prime Outlet. It is still expanding, and now has 160 stores from Nike to Ann Taylor to Sony. 


Old Amish Farm  This young boy will have trout for supper tonight.       



^^^^^     New Wilmington Presbyterian Church is a congregation of 650, and is one of no less than 8 churches in New Wilmington. That's not counting the barns where the Amish worship.

<<<<<  This Covered Bridge is appropriately located on Covered Bridge Road, and crosses Neshannock Creek.:


School Days       ^^^^^^
The Amish children are getting in the last moments of play before the schoolbell rings. Their schools are still one room, wood and coal stove heated, and of course no electricity or indoor plumbing ! This is the school at the corner of Rt 208 and Mercer-New Castle Rd, New Wilmington